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CoolReg POWER Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water and Electricity Production

As a result of our R&D studies that we have carried out for 3 years, the international patent that produces high torque at low speed by using the working principle of the heat pump belongs to our company.

  • It is a heat pump that produces electricity while meeting the heating-cooling-hot water needs by using our own production micro turbine in the high pressure phase by utilizing the thermodynamic working principles of the heat pump.
  • In our heat pump productions of 50 kW and above, we can meet both air conditioning and hot water needs and produce 12 kW/h of electricity at the same time as the electricity production of the system gives 50 Hz and AC output, it does not need any battery system.
  • The micro turbine we use in the heat pump produces high torque at low speeds (200-500 rpm), so there is no high vibration and loud noise in the system.
  • Thanks to these advantages, it can produce electricity with higher efficiency and capacity than photovoltaic panels in central system air conditioning.

By producing and installing turbines, we produce heat pumps that produce both heating-cooling-hot water and electricity while the system solves your air conditioning and hot water needs, it also produces electricity, minimizing the electricity you have used, and at the same time increasing your COP (efficiency value) value to the highest value.

In addition, by adding a hot water solar collector to the system, electricity generation independent from the grid becomes possible.

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