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CoolReg ORC POWER Electricity Generation from Waste Heat

Customer Problems

  • Flue gas waste heat from textile dyehouses
  • Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Fires at high temperatures
  • Effects of volatile gases on the environment
  • Inadequacy of existing filtration systems
  • Rising electricity and natural gas costs

* Opportunity to Benefit from Industrial Electricity Production Incentives

Solution Effects

  • Environmental impact with zero emissions
  • Useage in heating and cooling systems
  • Conversion of 70% of waste heat into electrical energy with ORC technology
  • Minimizing customer costs
  • Conditioning the heat from the flue gas scrubbing unit;
    1. Hot weather
    2. Hot water
    3. Electricity and/or all


Turbine Design in the Range of 0-100 Kw

Torque: 600 Nm 500 RPM Efficiency: 25-30%

CFD Analysis Results

  • Inlet Pressure: 15 bar
  • Outlet Pressure: 0.8 bar
  • Produced Max. Torque: 526 Nm
  • Proportional Torque: 10 Nm
  • Output Speed: 16.2 m/s


ORC systems, which stand out as an important factor in energy technologies today, have become quite common in recent years. The system, which stands out with its biomass and geothermal applications, can be used as a very efficient and clean energy when combined with solar energy and waste heat technologies.

We are proud of being a company that designs the ORC system that works in coupled with Parabolic Solar Collectors and waste heat gas chimneys and can produce it together with "Domestic Turbine and Alternator". Our product, which was created in cooperation with Kula Engineering and Energy Systems CoolReg Energy, can be designed and produced according to the needs of our customers.

Our 100% patented and domestically manufactured Turboexpander (micro turbine) that produces high torque (1000-1200 Nm) at low temperatures (90-95 C) at low temperatures (90-95 C) and low revolutions (200-300 rpm) in power ranges of 0-300 kW, 35-40% has efficiency values in the range. Obtaining electrical energy from flue gas waste heat energy, converting the heat energy obtained from CSP solar collectors to electricity and heating - cooling hot water production in heat pump systems, as well as electrical energy (10-20kW) It is a domestically produced turbine that shortens the rotation times and offers a solution for maximizing the CoP value. Depending on the capacity and power values, the investment period of the systems we produce with domestic turbines and alternators is reduced to 3-4 years.

Assembly Stages