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About us

CoolReg is a Turkish company that can design, produce and maintain by applying ORC technology with original turbine technology by using renewable energy sources (biomass, geothermal, solar energy) and industrial waste heat sources in heating cooling systems and electricity generation.

CoolReg Heat Pumps

Monoblock devices that meet heating, cooling and hot water needs from a single unit.

CoolReg Power

Monoblock devices that generate electricity together with air conditioning needs.

CoolReg ORC

Turbine and air conditioning systems that generate electricity from solar energy and waste heat.

CoolReg Solar

CSP (Concentrated solar energy) and tracking systems to produce electricity and high heat from solar energy.


The production of heat pumps, which provide comfort (domestic and industrial) heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs from a single monoblock device, has started.


The production of heating, cooling, domestic hot water, micro turbines and heat pumps producing electricity was started.


With the heat obtained from waste heat and solar energy, industrial cooling and ORC systems and electricity generation systems were started.


Our Environmental Policy

Today, one of the most important problems of countries for economic and social development is to provide a cheap, clean, reliable and easily obtainable energy source. For this purpose, we continue intensive research and applications for the development of new and renewable energy sources and efficient and cheap energy production/use technologies.

It has been determined that there is an increase in the average temperature of our world due to the increasing CO2 change in the last century. The increase in world temperature causes warming near the surface of the Earth and cooling in the upper parts of the atmosphere.

Our basic philosophy is to produce and disseminate technology and products that will eliminate the negative conditions mentioned above.